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Refreshingly Profitable: Making the Most of a Device Refresh [1:00:08]

Make the most of a device refresh.

As you know, modern IT infrastructure is constantly evolving. Most users are looking to update their infrastructure to provide greater mobility and more productivity with as little impact as possible to their day-to-day operations. With the power of the cloud and new exciting services available exclusively to D&H customers, there has never been a better time to discuss a Windows 10 Pro device refresh with your customers! Join Matt Allison, Microsoft Technical Advisor, as he presents to you the many benefits of a Windows 10 Pro refresh and how D&H can help you earn as much profit as possible with Windows 10 Pro for businesses, Microsoft 365 Business, managed services, and D&H Cloud Solutions.

Device as a Service (DaaS)
Cloud got you curious?

What is the monthly cost of Microsoft 365 per user?
Microsoft 365 Business - $20.00/month
Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 - $34.00/month
Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 - $61.00/month

So, what is the percentage we get as a reseller for per subscription for Microsoft 365 and Office 365?
Average margin for Microsoft CSP items is 5%, however that can differ depending on the subscription.

Is there option to bill a client through you? For some clients, I need to charge them monthly automatically and I don't have credit card service.
In this case, you can direct your customer to our MarketplaceCSP portal at - The customer would then create an account and add the resellers cloud ID (contact your sales rep). The end user can then place orders for cloud product using their credit card information and a commission check is issued to the reseller monthly.

What is different in security features between Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise?
Microsoft 365 Business includes a scaled-down version of EMS compared to the full version included in both Enterprise versions. This “Best of EMS”, as they call it, included MDM for Windows 10 PCs, App protection for Office mobile apps, selective wipe of company data and AAD auto-enroll.

How hard is it to migrate and manage a hybrid solution, say Office 365 Essentials + Premium + Exchange online Plan 1?
Generally speaking, plan migration can be done fairly easily with the addition of the M365 subscription to the same tenant ID. Once subscribed, you assign the users the new M365 license and deactivate the old ones.

Will Microsoft 365 be sold in big box stores or online stores or just through partners and as a Cloud service?
At this time there are only plans to sell M365 via Cloud Solution Providers.

What about this scenario: A client has Windows 10 installed (OEM or otherwise). What does it take to upgrade to Microsoft 365 and what costs are associated with it? Are they now paying for Windows 10 again?
It simply takes an M365 license to upgrade. If the Win10 device is running Win10 Home, it can be upgraded automatically to Win10 Pro (for M365 Business) or Win10 Enterprise (for M365 Enterprise).

You mentioned Skype calling land lines. Can Microsoft 365 replace our phone system?

What are the most significant profit opportunities? DaaS, licensing, project work, something else? After all, the name of the webinar speaks of profits.
We have found the key to profitability is the combination of all of these opportunities to create a complete solution. That said, the support options are usually the highest margin aspects of a cloud solution.

If the Microsoft 365 licensing is per user, is there a device limit per user?
Yes, each user is limited to 15 devices (5 PCs or MACs, 5 tablets, 5 mobile)

Does this mean that Microsoft 365 automatically joins the device to an Azure domain in the cloud?
Yes, as long as Microsoft Intune or Microsoft AutoPilot are configured.

Are you talking about a SIP trunk?
Yes, you can use Microsoft PSTN Calling with Cloud PBX as your SIP trunk provider.

Where can we get some training on Microsoft Azure?
Thousands of places! First you can start with where we have an intro video as well as some very basic how-to videos. Additionally there is a lot of training material on the web. Here are some of our selections:

Where can we get a PlumChoice Demo?
If you have questions for PlumChoice, we can provide you with their contact information. Please reach out to the Cloud Solutions team at

Is Microsoft 365 available as an open license?
No, it is not. All versions of M365 are available only thru the CSP program.

What other versions of M365 are there?
Right now there are three versions of M365; Business, Enterprise E3, and Enterprise E5. The biggest difference is that M365 Business has a 300 user limit just like O365 whereas Enterprise has no such cap. Again, similarly to O365 Business vs Enterprise plans, M365 Enterprise plans offer greater data management policies and securities which can sometimes be required of highly regulated industries like finance or government.

Are there any Microsoft 365 discounts for education, government or non-profit customers?
At this time, there are no planned pricing discounts

Can I switch my customer from Office 365 to Microsoft 365?
Yes, its as simple as ordering the new M365 subscription and assigning it to users, then removing and canceling the existing subscription. Your end user won't be able to tell the difference (unless you change the O365 version) and you'll be able to instantly manage those users with various EMS and other security tools.

What applications can be installed with AutoPilot? Can I deploy third-party software with AP, or is it only usable with Microsoft applications?
So it seems I was mistaken concerning AutoPilot. The primary purpose of Windows AutoPilot is to configure devices to be joined to a domain (specifically Azure AD) and enrolled in other management services such as MSFT Intune automatically once booted. This also helps to enforce network policies like restricting admin account creation and gives the end user a custom made out-of-box experience. However, it does NOT configure and install new software including operating systems. I'm not sure where I got that now considering that was one of the highlighted features I had written down for AutoPilot... o well. So ya... this needs corrected. I sent an email to George with some ideas of how to go about fixing it today.

What counts as a Mobile Device for MDM? iOS and Android only, or Windows devices, too? Does MDM handle tablets as well as phones?
Intune supports iOS devices 9.0 and later, Android 4.0 and later, Windows 10 mobile and Windows phone, any PCs running Windows 10 (even Home), Mac OS X 10.0 and later. Pretty much any mobile device...

Can any/all of the four security pillars be remotely managed across individual and/or groups of PCs?
Yup! However, that complete security management requires EMS.

How many how-to videos have been done for the various components of M365? AutoPilot? MDM? System updates? Can you use M365 to handle system updates, including regular driver updates, etc., aside from the standard updates that Win10 handles itself?
None. Haven't had any time to do these. Definitely on my short list but they keep getting pushed back for other things.

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