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EDUCATION opportunity

Whether it's an in-person, virtual, or hybrid learning model, keeping students connected to teachers, peers, and their schoolwork is essential to success. Help ensure access to quality education from anywhere with D&H resources for K12 and higher education!

Esports Anywhere: Virtual and Hybrid Events

On-Demand Now!

Esports Anywhere: Virtual and Hybrid Events - Join our team of industry experts as they highlight the importance of Esports within education broadcasts the key to creating a space for them.

Maximizing the Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) Opportunity

D&H provides services and solutions across the K12, and higher education verticals specialized to your client's needs. Specific to devices, software, remote & hybrid learning and STEM/STEAM technologies for classrooms, to engaging ProAV solutions and infrastructure among faculty, education solutions for all curriculums and partners are available. Offering technology and industry expertise to provide a robust portfolio of solutions including White Glove and Autopilot Services to capture business opportunities is in D&H's DNA. Bundled with cloud software, you can deliver a true Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) solution to keep education clients connected, secure, and efferently running while creating new revenue streams for your business.


E-Rate is a federal program that provides discounts to assist most schools and libraries in the US to obtain affordable telecommunications and internet access.

As a solution provider, you have an unprecedented opportunity to help K12 schools and libraries close the connectivity gap and advance their digital learning initiatives. E-Rate funding fuels educational technology sales enabling you to deliver tremendous value to school districts as you work with them to design, build, implement and support 21st century learning infrastructures.

Emergency Connectivity Fund Update:

The Federal Communication Commission has approved a one-time allotment of $7B via the Emergency Connectivity Fund to support your schools in extending off-campus internet connectivity. Access the resources below to gain knowledge on rules and how to qualify.

D&H TV LIVE - Education Funding: E-rate and Emergency Connectivity Fund

Join us as our panel of industry experts share insight on how to help your schools get access to funds that cover key technology needs and unlock student potential.

K12 Student Technology Protection Plan

Exclusively available at D&H

Take advantage of the Extended Warranty Plan by accompanying student device sales with the technology protection plan purposefully designed for the K-12 student environment. Equipped with with a built-in, on-hand spare-pool of devices for immediate device replacement and a no-hassle claims experience.


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On-Demand Webinars

D&H TV Live: Building Tech Solutions for Esports and K12

Join D&H SMEs Chris Phillips, Technical Enablement Supervisor, and Rhonda Hebbard, Channel Program Manager, as they explore the specification variations between Esports and K12 hardware, with demonstrations of some of the industry's leading brands.


Modern Solutions

Modern Solutions

Develop and execute transformative technology solutions.
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Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

Highly skilled sales specialists and technical support experts combined to bring the one-of-a-kind customer service you can expect from D&H!
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D&H is your one-stop-shop for all of your EXPerience needs both in Esports as well as the Consumer Gaming universe!
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ProAV & Collaboration

Provide your clients with the hardware, software, and services they need to collaborate from anywhere with ProAV.
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Access to system upgrades for any application
or solution.
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Provide your clients with procurement, deployment, device management, services, and lifecycle management.
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