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Esports Anywhere: Virtual and Hybrid Events

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Esports Anywhere: Virtual and Hybrid Events - Join our team of industry experts as they highlight the importance of Esports within education broadcasts the key to creating a space for them.

ESPORTS opportunity

While over 70 percent of K12 schools are interested in adding competitive gaming curriculum, only 10 percent are currently enrolled in Esports. And as serious Esports programs become a major deciding factor for prospective students, colleges and universities are investing more in gaming technology and even offering scholarships to grow the programs – meaning an incredible opportunity to dive into a rapidly growing market!



Both K12 and higher education institutions are beginning to realize the potential of adding esports to their curriculum or as a varsity sport. Not only does esports support student-athlete engagement, but the K12 experience prepares for life in higher education and beyond.

Esports encourages an inclusive environment.

Students who had never participated in extra-curricular activities prior to esports make up nearly 80% of K12 Esports teams. Gaming does not require traditional athleticism, making it inclusive of all body types and physical ability. Esports even crosses social and gender lines creating opportunities for students to engage with diverse teams.

Esports nurtures social and emotional learning.

Team esports relies heavily on constant communication, collaboration, planning, and execution. Students learn to deal with intense emotions in a competitive environment while being supported by their teammates, ultimately building relationships and self-confidence.

Esports offers opportunities beyond K12.

Think esports is only a hobby? Think again! Currently, there are more than 200 colleges and universities offering nearly $15 million dollars in scholarships to high school students. This creates a new path to higher education for students who had not previously considered continuing their education and even opens doors to post-collegiate job opportunities.


D&H can help you source the latest and most sought after esports solutions and technology. We offer the total solution, including the tournament platform licensing for High School Esports League and Middle School Esports League.
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Building Solutions for Esports
Interested in sourcing the most sought after esports solutions and technology? D&H offers total solutions, including tournament platform licensing for High School Esports League and Middle School Esports League within a comprehensive solution finder.

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Esports Solution Finder

Which platform do you prefer?

What is the competition level of the program?

What solution quality are you interested in?

All prebuilt systems offer a warranty and are designed for competitive gaming with specifications recommended based upon the games being played and level of completion being participated in. Prebuilt systems may also be upgraded through graphics cards and storage space rather than being replaced entirely.


Customizing a gaming system offers more control of your components to reach any desirable gaming level wanted. Additionally, if they are using a STEM grant or esports is part of their STEM curriculum you may recommend your customers buy the parts and have the student athletes build them.

Components Solutions Vendors

As college esports programs expand, their technology needs will also grow. Many students are playing on a much bigger stage, quite literally. Esports and gaming are amassing a large following, filling up auditoriums and arenas as fans flock to watch the excitement. Larger-than-life displays, advanced audio equipment, and other ProAV solutions are becoming staples in the esports market. Learn more about ProAV solutions at

ProAV Solutions Vendors

Round out your esports offering with high-margin furniture and accessories, available from D&H in a variety of configurations to fit every gamer's tastes. From keyboards to mice to headsets, every team or player - regardless of their skill level will have unique preferences for the nitty gritty details, so a diverse lineup of options is key!


Gaming monitors are an integral component to the overall esports experience. Recommendations on makes and models should take into account the types of games that will be played, as well as the anticipated level of competition, from casual to competitive. To improve the overall customer experience, specifications such as dimensions, response times, resolutions, and refresh rates are important to consider.



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EEN Esports Certification

Partner with D&H and Esports Education Network (EEN) to become a Certified K12 Esports Provider. Your customers can trust that as a Certified Esports Provider, you know the industry and is best prepared to help them every step of the way. Earn a digital certificate and a badge you can use on websites, LinkedIn profiles, and more to help you stand apart from the competition in the growing esports space.

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