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Learn Why D&H Co-Owners Love Their ESOP!

Every October, D&H observes Employee Ownership Month, giving our Co-Owners an opportunity to join other Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) companies across the United States to celebrate the value of being an ESOP. Want to know what ESOP means to our D&H Co-Owners?

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Dan Schwab & Michael Schwab ESOP Awards

"The D&H ESOP program has taken us to a new stratosphere of collaboration, shared values, partnership, and alignment. Everyone in the company shares goals and vision, which yields to tremendous workplace pride and determination, and in turn, generates success."

Dan Schwab, co-president at D&H along with his brother Michael Schwab.
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D&H ESOP Association Recognition:

  • 2013 Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter ESOP Company of the Year

  • 2011 ESOP Association Annual Awards for Communication Excellence (AACE), First Place for Total Communications Program

What is an ESOP?

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, is a qualified retirement program in which employees receive shares of the business rather than stock, with no up-front cost to the employees. ESOPs are said to be "qualified" because they qualify for federal income tax deferral until the stock is turned into cash at retirement. ESOPs are in most respects similar to 401(k) plans except that, instead of cash, the company providing the ESOP "pays in" its own stock. But, as in 401(k) plans, all full time employees must be eligible provided that they meet certain age and service requirements. Unlike a 401(k) plan, contributions to an ESOP by the employer do not become the property of the employee until after specified vesting periods are satisfied.

One of the biggest advantages employers experience when forming an ESOP is an increase in employee loyalty and productivity. Employees become owners of the company; having a stake in it, their relationship to the company changes. An ESOP therefore provides a financial incentive—but also something that goes beyond future compensation, a sense of pride and empowerment.

What Are the Benefits of an ESOP?

ESOP: An Employee Owned Company

A Message from the Owner:

Straight from their own mouth, D&H Co-Owners share what it means to be an OWNER.

Being an owner is more than an obligation to carry out a job but fosters an emotional attachment to the company, and its success. lt allows me to naturally exhibit honesty, pride of ownership, sense of direction, and respect for the employees and customers. Being an owner also empowers me to work harder and to care more about the contributions I make. The work ethic of each D&H employee mimics this behavior; everyone cares for the company just as if the company were their own.

- Employee Co-Owner since 2015

As a Co-Owner, I am provided with an excellent opportunity to make a difference. I take pride in knowing that I have the ability to be a contributing factor to the success and growth of the Company. We should all be taking the initiative to re-think, re-define and re-imagine thus aligning ourselves with Company objectives. Ownership is not an either/or concept. We get what we put into it: monetarily AND in reputation. Each day our individual efforts further define who we are as a Company.

- Employee Co-Owner since 2016

We are a family, and we all work together in a way that employees at most other companies aren't able to experience or enjoy. We all play a part in making this business a success, whether it be finding ways to save money, being more productive, or enjoying the time we're here. We are fortunate to be a part of the D&H family.

- Employee Co-Owner since 2013

We are a team and we all hold a piece of the puzzle. Together, we create one large picture, one large group that is our company, and our ESOP. We are co-owners. WE ARE D&H.

- Employee Co-Owner since 2003

There are only 12 private companies in the entire US that have been around for 100+ years and do more volume than D&H Distributing. The list includes longstanding household names such as Hallmark Cards and Levi-Strauss Jeans. That's a pretty awesome legacy!

- Employee Co-Owner since 1995

I am so proud to work for a top Company that in today's world still has an ESOP available to its employees. It is a benefit I do not take for granted. It is an Honor and a Privilege to work for D&H. IT PAYS TO STAY!

- Employee Co-Owner since 2009

Being an owner means being responsible for every customer spoken to on the phone, seen at a show or reach during a webcast or training. Being an owner means making the right decisions for not only our customers but our vendors and every other D&H co-owner. Being an owner means not simply settling to do things "the way they have always been done". Being an owner means sharing in D&H's successes and short falls and learning from both. Being an owner means everything.

- Employee Co-Owner since 2010

I honestly get excited when I talk about this Company benefit with my family and friends. I tell them that more companies should investigate participation in ESOP programs as it provides opportunity to help keep employees engaged and excited about making that daily extra effort, not to mention the opportunity to help in acquiring & keeping talented employees. I feel fortunate to have an ESOP benefit since only 4% of people living in the United States have the opportunity of working for an ESOP participating Company. ESOP is My opportunity at a better life!

- Employee Co-Owner since 1994

Working for an ESOP Company means that I'm coming to work to help run my business. Everything I do personally affects my livelihood and reputation as well as the company's. I feel like I'm an important piece of the whole puzzle, not that I'm just performing a task. The company's goals are also my goals and it makes me want to do better because I know that I can make a difference. I also feel like the people I work with are an extended family in the way that we care about each other. When I come to work, I know that l'm appreciated and I appreciate the job that everyone else does.

- Employee Co-Owner since 2008

Working for an ESOP company is a GAME CHANGER for me as retirement approaches. 20 years of contributions and compounding will afford me a comfortable "after D&H life" that simple savings and an IRA could never accomplish. My friends and counterparts from other companies are not nearly as prepared as I am. In these uncertain times of rising health care costs and social security solvency talk, I am sitting confident and satisfied that I will be comfortably retired.

- Employee Co-Owner since 1998

As OWNERs, we all have a stake in the game; everything we do effects what we possess – our company! We have the unique opportunity as co-owners to see our hard work pay off...much like the sweat equity we put into our homes or yards, when you look back on what was done, you can see the increased value. Pride of ownership should not be limited to physical possessions;it should be considered in everything we do.

- Employee Co-Owner since 2011

D&H is the only ESOP company that l've worked for, and I can honestly say that I can see the difference that the ESOP makes in productivity, satisfaction, and investment. Being part of an ESOP company means that we're all in this together, working towards the ultimate goal of success - for our company, our co-owners, our partners, and ourselves. I feel that my co-owners, managers, and vice presidents want me to succeed and I in turn want the same for them.

- Employee Co-Owner since 2015

Being an owner means you work in an atmosphere of "One for all and all for One". You feel that you have a voice and a place at the table which in turn makes you more willing to go the extra mile knowing that it will actually have an effect on you personally. You look for more efficient ways to save and streamline in each part of the business so we can continue to grow as a company. We not only have a responsibility to ourselves as owners but to the company as a whole.

- Employee Co-Owner since 2012

When engaging new or potential customers for the first time, l'm always sure to mention that l, as well as all other D&H co-owners, have a truly vested interest in making sure they're successful and that we're doing all we can to make them raving fans of D&H. The value of our employee stock depends on their happiness, and the confidence that responsibility instills in them resonates deeply, encouraging a level of trust not easily earned in the early stages of a partnership. l'm grateful to be part of an ESOP company where l'm able to directly realize benefit from doing the right thing by my company, our vendors, and reseller-partners day in and day out.

- Employee Co-Owner since 1997

ESOP generates energy, momentum, and confidence to overcome challenges together. We celebrate successes together and take time for social events to support a work life balance. There's a sense of community and belonging which has countless intangible benefits. The diversity here ensures a wider variety of inputs to bring fresh, different perspectives and add depth/breadth to decisions/directions. There is a strong spirit for helping/thanking others while being focused on our individual health and wellbeing. I am honored to be a part of this ESOP Company.

- Employee Co-Owner since 2014

ESOPs in the U.S.

ESOPS in the U.S.

D&H Mission/Vision

Empowered by its employee co-owners, D&H is committed to bringing an unparalleled level of distribution service to all manufacturer and reseller partners throughout North America, while driving industry-leading profitability for all company owners.
To be the preferred distributor for our manufacturer and reseller partners, providing the industry's best service, competitive pricing, world-class logistics and flexible operations, inspired by passionate employee co-owners and a collaborative culture.