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D&H Financial Services

Flexible, Account-Dedicated Financial Support

Every business requires a unique mix of financial solutions to increase their purchasing power and manage cash flow. That's why D&H Financial Services offers a variety of free & flexible financing options that enable our partners to stay
agile and competitive.

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Financial Options

Direct Financing Options

Net Terms

Net Terms Credit Lines

D&H offers net terms to qualifying customers. Current fiscal year ending financial statements are typically required for credit lines above $50,000. To inquire about qualifying for net terms or increasing your credit limit, please contact


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Eliminate COD costs and the need to write checks. Our automatic invoice payment program is free to all accounts and offers partners flexible terms. The amount of your order will be withdrawn automatically from your checking account after 3, 7, 15, 20, or 30 days after your order has been invoiced. To be eligible for EFT terms, you must be approved for COD company check or net terms and submit an EFT agreement form.

D&H PayNet


For open term and COD company check customers, D&H offers PayNet - a robust web-based application in cooperation with Bank of America that allows you to conveniently and electronically pay D&H in a lump sum or by specific invoice. Learn more about PayNet.

Additional Payment Terms:

Credit Card

Use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards at time of purchase

Wire Transfer

Arranged with your bank and helps to expedite drop shipments and rush orders

Simplify your bills and go green with D&H e-Invoice!

With e-Invoice you receive secure, digital invoices that can be viewed or paid online using our PayNet service. Your invoices are easy to reference and provide email reminders so you'll never miss a due date. Contacting your D&H Credit Representative or email to learn more about D&H e-Invoice.

Assignment of Credit Extension (ACE)

Formerly known as the D&H Assignment of Funds program

Your ace in the hole for financing large opportunities with
public institutions!

Working on deals with government & educational institutions for public end users? D&H resellers with net credit lines in good standing may qualify for our Assignment of Credit Extension program. In this free, white-labeled program, D&H acts as your silent financing partner, allowing us to assist with deals that exceed your line of credit. Even better, your account's credit availability remains clear for daily orders and is unaffected by orders through the ACE program!


How Does the Program Work?

  1. Shipment is sent once the end user purchase order is verified
  2. We bill your order on net terms
  3. Your client sends a check - payable to your company - to our PO Box address
  4. We clear your invoices and mail you a payment for your profits
  5. You close a big deal and your client never knows that we are involved!
A Join Remit Agreement must be signed by the end user, agreeing to the D&H payment terms. D&H requires Power of Attorney in order to cash end user checks. As soon as payment is received in full, we send you the profit. It is imperative, especially if we are drop-shipping the product directly to the end user, that you invoice them immediately to ensure prompt payment.

Flooring/Inventory Finance Companies

D&H partners with these reputable financing companies to provide additional credit availability and extended terms on qualifying products. We also support our customers' financial needs by maintaining partnerships with all leading banks. For more information on flooring, and inventory finance, please contact D&H Financial Services at

Featured: DLL Financial Solutions Partner

To support the financing needs of our partners, DLL is offering 60-day terms for all orders placed through D&H through the end of 2024.

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Additional Finance Company Options:

Already partnered with one of our financial solutions partners? Please provide your D&H Sales Rep with the flooring company, your account number, and purchase order at the time of your order.


Offer your end users flexible monthly payments by contacting one of our preferred leasing partners.

Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)

Manage the entire customer lifecycle by bundling hardware, software, and services with specialty financial programs into a single, predictable, and recurring payment.

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Device as a Service (DaaS) financing options are also available!

Joint Purchase Order

D&H will consider Joint Purchase Orders from you and your clients. Generally, this is used when a reseller wins a large bid that that exceeds their credit line. A Joint Purchase Order is typically used with, but not exclusive to, federal, state, and local government agencies, including schools. If D&H is unfamiliar with your end client, we must first be able to approve them for the amount of credit required. As soon as payment is received in full, we send you the profit. It is imperative, especially if we are drop-shipping the product directly to the end user, that you invoice them immediately to ensure prompt payment.

Before and order can be shipped, D&H
requires the following:

  • Joint Purchase Order - the purchase order contractor must have both D&H and your name with our remit to address. The purchase order may require verification directly through the end client before shipping.
  • Dealer/End User Agreement - this must be signed by the end user, agreeing to D&H payment terms
  • Power of Attorney - D&H requires Power of Attorney in order to cash end user checks.

NOWaccount® - Get Paid NOW™


NOWaccount improves your cash flow by allowing you to get paid immediately on your open receivables for the same or less than the cost of accepting a credit card for payment. You choose what clients to register for payment through your NOWaccount.

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Request a Credit Increase

Use this form to update your company information or request a change in credit line or credit terms.

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Online Forms

Beware of Fraud

To keep your business safe from fraud, you must develop and maintain fail-safe business policies, particularly when accepting new customer orders, and adhere to those strict guidelines even in the face of that 'killer order'. By being aware that fraud is possible and by following these simple rules, you'll not only protect your business, you protect yourself.

Contact if you would like assistance in reviewing an order that you feel
may be suspicious!

Top Tricks in Tech Fraud

  1. Unsolicited urgent, late-day orders, marked by overnight delivery requirements and little haggling over price. You know the old adage; "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is".
  2. Drop shipments or delivery to high fraud areas of the country. High fraud areas include New York City, Los Angeles area, and Southern Florida.
  3. Large quantity drop shipments to residential addresses.
  4. Large orders of high-risk products such as RAM, HDD, flash memory, printer cartridges, laptops, any small and easily unloaded items.
  5. Use of multiple, sequentially-numbered credit cards.
  6. Use of credit cards drawn on foreign banks.

If you have an order that you feel is suspect, or meets any of these criteria, place a call to the issuing bank of the card to verify the identity of the customer. One quick call can save you thousands. There are no "guaranteed" credit card transactions.

Know Your Customer

Identity theft of long standing, seemingly credit worthy businesses is the most common type of fraud. If you're unsure of your customer use these quick, easy steps to verify the business:

  1. Check their address and telephone through independent sources such as online telephone directories.
  2. Verify the validity of the ship to address.
  3. If the purchase order has been emailed to you, verify the validity of the email address that has been used. This is often the quickest, easiest, and most accurate means of preventing fraudulent orders. Many fraud orders are sent using newly created fraudulent email urls - example rather than A quick WHOIS search of the fraudulent email url will reveal that it has been newly created and not registered to the company that they are claiming to be.
  4. Verify they are licensed to do business in the state they are located. Virtually every state in the country offers a searchable, online database of business records. Many include searches by principal as well.
  5. Always obtain a credit application that includes an authorization to check the personal credit of the business principal, especially when dealing with sole-proprietors. Personal credit information may be one of the best ways to identify the character of the customer.
  6. If your budget allows, and the size of the potential relationship justifies, employ an online investigative service that specializes in both business and principal information. Used commonly for years in the private investigator business, these services provide a wealth of information in one, convenient stop.
  7. If, even after following the above steps, you are still unsure of the validity of your order, always feel free to locate the business' website and call the main contact number provided to verify the order.

General Questions

Our team of experts and advisors are here to help you. If you have questions, complete the form below to contact D&H Financial Services.

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If you have questions about becoming a D&H customer, contact our new account credit representative for assistance.


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