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— D&H Helped Twotrees Technologies Deliver a Complicated Asset Tagging Project with Extraordinary Speed, Satisfying ECF Funding Regulations for One of Kansas' Largest School Districts —

HARRISBURG, PA October 25th, 2022 – D&H Distributing, a major provider of SMB, mid-market, and consumer technologies to the North American channel, announced it has fulfilled one of the most comprehensive asset tagging and laser etching projects in its history thus far, providing a roster of complex White Glove services attached to more than 6,100 mobile computing devices for a major midwestern school district. The project was completed in a four-day period through D&H's newly expanded Integration and White Glove Service Center.

The distributor fulfilled this project on behalf of long-time channel managed services partner Twotrees Technologies of Wichita, KS, for one of the top 10 largest public school districts in the state, serving tens of thousands of students. The district financed this undertaking through government ECF (Emergency Connectivity Fund) dollars. It involved thousands of laptops earmarked for the district's most financially disadvantaged students.

As a condition of accepting these funds, all school districts must comply with a strict series of regulations regarding the asset tag labeling and asset tracking of these devices, to ensure they are being used according to the program guidelines. Since the district is subject to review and audit at any time, each piece of hardware needed to be laser etched and prominently asset tagged so it could be easily identified. The thousands of laptops were laser etched with the school district's logo in addition to a unique laser etched asset ID identifier on each device. This level of customization, including the large-scale logo, could typically take weeks. D&H was able to turn-over the project in just days.

In addition to the speed and comprehensive professional services involved in this White Glove project, the devices were provided through a "green shipping" program, where D&H removed each new, individual notebook computer from its carton and shipped multiple units together in consolidated packaging. This took the burden of disposing of more than 6,000 individual containers out of the hands of both the district and the solution provider, considerably minimizing that task. D&H was able to recycle this massive amount of packaging materials with its on-site recycling equipment, reducing waste.

"D&H has been a terrific partner to us over the years," began Susie Smith, general manager at Twotrees Technologies, L.L.C. "We value the fact that they give us in-depth, personalized service, suggesting opportunities that suit our business model without our even having to ask. We're not treated like a number."

D&H's New Integration & White Glove Service Center – 5x as Large, Twice as Fast

This project was possible due to the large-format etching machines and new configuration equipment D&H installed in its recently expanded Integration and White Glove Service Center, part of its new Harrisburg distribution center. The new Harrisburg DC became operational in March of this year. The center has three times the total space as the company's previous Harrisburg warehouse (745,000 square-feet total), and five times greater capacity for configuration and White Glove service activities. Its high-performance laser etching machines can facilitate large volume projects in a fraction of the time as competitors. These offerings allow D&H's partners to take on more expansive, margin-enhancing projects that they may not have been able to accommodate otherwise. It gives those partners the appearance of even grander and more formidable operations and allows them to expand their revenue streams.

This project required a painstaking level of detail in the etching and tagging, far beyond the typical asset-labeling job, which often is limited to the provision of stickers or small-format etching. Twotrees wanted to provide their school district customer with a more enduring and easily trackable solution.

"Stickers can fall off; etching doesn't," said Smith. "D&H's new equipment was able to utilize much of the real estate on the covers of these laptops, providing a far more obvious way to identify them as district property, and allowing the administration to track the technology accordingly."

"We've worked with Twotrees on other notable K-12 projects, including providing a tremendous amount of technology during the pandemic, when other districts were scrambling to implement remote learning environments. But the extent of services that went into this installation made it unique," said Adam Crockett, senior director of professional services at D&H. "The job validated the extraordinary capabilities of our new Integration and White Glove Service Center. We love being able to work on these opportunities with our partners, enabling them to add these simple, but innovative and low-cost attachable services that deliver incredible value to the end-users."

"D&H brought the ideas for this project to us based on what their new equipment could do, and because their team is so well-versed on our business," added Twotrees' Smith. "The district is very impressed with what we accomplished. They think we're heroes now."

Partners can see D&H's new Harrisburg-based location and its Integration & White Glove Service Center here, or email to learn more about how the company can help partners with similar lucrative, high-value projects.

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